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Start Cooking Podcast videos

We make the stop motion videos for Kathy Maister’s This webby-award-winning series is often the #1 food podcast on iTunes. It’s also the reason we started working with Guy Kawasaki (last summer, he guest hosted an episode to share his Famous Terriyaki Sauce — a great BBQ marinade).

‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’ is one example of now over 60 video recipe and ‘tips & techniques’ tutorials that are designed for beginners in the kitchen. The recipes are incredibly easy, but that’s the idea. The approach is meant to get you comfortable in the kitchen by presenting you with un-intimidating recipes.

The video style is both fun to watch and illustrative of the methods used for each recipe.

Many thanks to Start Cooking’s creator Kathy Maister! Our approach to ‘How-To’ videos is rooted in the work we’ve accomplished as a team with Kathy’s vision for this site.