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How to APE a book (Guy Kawasaki)

We created a simple video for the launch of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

We came up with a recipe-style format to describe the main points of the book, to give people a few things that they can immediately apply to self-publishing.

English360 - Cambridge University Press

The teaching environment literally comes alive in this promotional piece for English360, designed in our watch-and-learn style. An interplay between the real and the animated, the idea was to illustrate to teachers and schools the power and possibilities of English360. Its innovation will revolutionize English language teaching.
Narrated by actor Hugh Probyn. Original soundtrack by Op-music.

Future Shop: Cellshop ad

Featured all across Canada, “Super Cart Adventure” is a concept we developed for Future Shop’s cell phone department. This ad is a shortened version of the popular YouTube video. Our idea was to animate a small shopping cart that sets out to find the right cell phone and plan and discovers the Cellshop where familiar vintage/technology objects bring to mind the options it desires. Thanks to Allen Chen’s team at Future Shop and Olivier at Op-music.

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Alcatel-Lucent video, The Making-of

This video documents the making-of the Alcatel-Lucent animation, ‘Simple Ideas Change Everything’. This behind the scenes look shows how it was made.

We wanted to represent the communications players coming together as a sort of Woodstock gathering: The vast open field symbolizes the secure and interoperable environment Alcatel-Lucent is proposing where innovation will prosper. By inviting everyone (developers/web, telecom/mobile, and other communicators) to work together, this vision will revolutionize and facilitate the ability to develop innovative applications.

Interestingly, Woodstock celebrated its 40th anniversary as we were filming this.

Firstly, we had to paint a portrait of where things are currently with communication technology: Everyone being interconnected, yet working in their own corner, and the possibility of doing things better. What better way to demonstrate this than with cans and strings?

The original music is by Op-music.

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