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English360 - Cambridge University Press

The teaching environment literally comes alive in this promotional piece for English360, designed in our watch-and-learn style. An interplay between the real and the animated, the idea was to illustrate to teachers and schools the power and possibilities of English360. Its innovation will revolutionize English language teaching.
Narrated by actor Hugh Probyn. Original soundtrack by Op-music.

Future Shop: “Super Cart Adventure” Cellshop video

Here’s a project we did for Future Shop to help promote its Cellshop brand. This was shot mostly in Montreal and utilized tilt-shift photography to make the real locations feel fake and miniaturized. We animated our little cart traveling around town looking for the right cell phone and plan. An awesome 8-bit soundtrack was composed by Op-music who also created the Future Shop rift ringtone at the end.

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Alcatel-Lucent video

Alcatel-Lucent commissioned us to make a video as a part of the application enablement vision which you can read more about here. We came up with this concept where all of the players involved in the communications ecosystem work together to innovate together in an open, secure and interoperable environment. The narrator is filmmaker (and friend) Yung Chang and the original music is by Op-music.

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Email Center Pro video

This is a stop motion animation video that we made for our friends at Palo Alto Software for their relatively new piece of software called Email Center Pro. We shot the video with a Canon 5D in the Atelier Transfert studio over the course of several weeks. The sound effects and music were then created at the Atelier post production office, as was the edit.

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