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We’re on Motionographer!

We were recently interviewed by the good folks at Motionographer and they have posted a really nice article about our stop-motion work which you can read here.

Thanks their editor Justin Cone and the rest of their crew. We’ve been huge fans of Motionographer for quite some time now. If you are a fan of bleeding-edge film and animation work you must check out Motionographer!

Explainist review

We just got featured on Explainist – a site we love that’s run by Dave Coustan and Tom Harris, both formerly of HowStuffWorks (another great site that has featured our Start Cooking videos). We’re very happy to be part of the explanation world.

Thanks to Tom for the kind encouragement. For sure, there’s unconscious nostalgic appeal to the stop-motion aesthetic.

Guy Kawasaki’s post ‘The Art of the Tutorial’ describes the value of our work

Wow. Today the Internet knows about the value our tutorial videos can add to their company. Check out today’s article on the American Express OPEN blog, ‘The Art of the Tutorial‘ by Guy Kawasaki. The article also features praise from another client of ours, Palo Alto Software CEO, Sabrina Parsens. We are thrilled to hear about the value our videos have given our clients.

Alltop tutorial video updated with ‘MyAlltop’ feature

We have just updated the Alltop video to include the new ‘MyAlltop‘ feature on the site! We not only added a new animated sequence to describe the new MyAlltop aspect, but also replaced all the screenshots to reflect this site’s 3.0 release. We also improved the image quality of the screenshots (which are actual photos of a MacBook Air screen and not screencaps!) and we took the opportunity to tighten some other screws here and there. Enjoy!