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We Understand How To Create A Video Experience that Generates Word-Of-Mouth

We’ve come to understand the key ingredients to making successful work today, especially with today’s emerging forms of new media. We’ve found  that this is an opportunity for both utilisizing our fundatmental understanding of how to surprise, excite and entertain people, as well as to utilize these forms of new media as a part of what makes a project compelling. Be it a project that will be shown on a smartphone or one that is meant to travel the web virally, we are experienced in making work that embraces new media and speaks to everyone. The fundamentals of communication are the same.

Our Startcooking Videos Were Onto Something…



Reader’s Digest article from March 2008 profiling Start Cooking podcast.

1. Online & Real-World Media Features


Federated Media former web-author (handpicked by John Batelle founding editor of Wired magazine)


Featured in the cooking section of 9rule’s elite blogging network


4.5M+ views on YouTube


Often the #1 food podcast on iTunes and featured on the front page.

Real Simple Magazine’s #1 food site

Videos linked by Howstuffworks.com


2008 Webby Awards Official Honoree

2. Innovative Partnerships


Startcooking videos were preloaded onto Nokia’s Nseries phones for their launch in 2007 and are featured in their directories. Our videos were also part of their promotional material.



Also featured as part of Verizon’s Vcast mobile phone series in 2007


Chiquita and Fresh Express had custom Startcooking videos done to leverage their audience’s depth and brand loyalty through social media video distribution.

Warner Brothers release of “No Reservations” featured a creative marketing campaign where the movie’s recipe was made into a video.